Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Fun Day

Yesterday, we took a MUCH NEEDED family fun day. Everyone has been a little tense & snappy lately. My husband has been working hard at his two jobs and volunteering at church and really needed a break to just be daddy.

So, we loaded everyone up - and let me tell you, packing for a day trip for a family of seven takes almost as long as packing for an overnighter! Goodness gracious!! But, better to be prepared, right?

Chattanooga Zoo - Picnic beforehand :)

We try to get a pic at this spot each time we go :)
The two oldest got to ride a camel! Exciting!
A sweet brother moment at the zoo

'What do you mean I can't drive us to the park?!?'

Time to cool down!

'Weeee!! I can fly!'

'Hmm... No one will notice if I eat the last of the watermelon...'

A totally relaxed daddy enjoying his children :)

We saw tensions melt. Siblings bond. Memories being made.

That, my dear friends, makes a GREAT day!


  1. Love your pictures, description of day and especially your testimony!..........Lucy

  2. just popping on over her to see and meet your family! it's so nice to "meet" and family of 7! EXCITED to hear more from you!

    I completely understand the whole packing thing! we are leaving on Friday for a little getta are staying with my family while the hubby and i celebrate our 10th anniversary alone at a B&B..I started packing yesterday =0) Can't wait for the "7 days of hope" to begin

  3. Thanks, mommy of Five! Congratulations on your tenth anniversary! We 'escaped' to a B&B for our 7th & loved every moment of it! Perhaps one day we will do that again... We will be celebrating 16 years this fall... Where did the time go? Lol!