Thursday, May 24, 2012

So, Now What?

   We had the second blood tests drawn on a Friday, so I knew it would be several days before we heard anything. Monday rolled past and as I expected, no call.  Tuesday rolled by, no call. Wednesday, no call. By Thursady morning, I had decided that even if the old adage was true (No news is good news), I wanted to know! After all, at this point, he was on iron drops and had two extra blood tests run since his well child check!

I called the pediatric office and left a message asking if the results were back in and if someone would please call me to let me know the results.

A few hours later, the nurse practioner called me back. This day, her voice was not nearly as chipper as the day she called with the first results. Was she just having a rough day? Was the heavier tone due to my son's test results? My mind was trying to process ALL input.

  She started by comparing the numbers of both tests. As she had hoped, the hemaglobin and hematocrits both went up with the venous draw.. but not nearly enough. Both were still low.

And then she threw in another curveball... his platelets, which had showed in the normal range with the toe prick now showed too high with the venous draw.

So, what did that mean?

It meant MORE blood tests. It meant a different type of iron... 3x a day!

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