Saturday, May 26, 2012

So, Back to the Lab...

Another week passes... a week during which I realize that Internet search engines are both blessings and curses.

But, I won't go there right now.

Friday dawns. Time for another trip to the lab. This time to look at the platelets... are they still high?

Ever have a day where almost nothing goes as planned? Friday was one of those days.

I ended up going to see one of my doctors and being put on an antibiotic... 4x a day. Accompanied by strict orders to come back in two weeks, sooner if my issue did not start resolving quickly after the antibiotics got into my system.

Back home so my wonderful husband could get to work on time...

Then, I loaded up all 5 kids and headed out to drop off my prescription, then to get the lab orders from the pediatric office. Only this time, the lab two doors down was closed, so I had to drive to a different part of town to a different lab.

This is where it gets tricky. Remember, I had all the children with me (11, 9, 4, 3, and 9mo)... One of those children has , um, issues with blood and shots.  Said child tends to pass out... even if someone else is getting the blood work!

Happily, this lab was much bigger than the first one. We also had my husband's MP3 player with us. Said child was given the earphones and placed in the waiting room with a magazine. The other children were there as well. (This allowed the child to not hear a thing, and therefore, not THINK about what was happening... It worked! Child did NOT pass out!)

Lab lady and I went back two cubicles. She started preparing for a toe prick and seemed confused when I told her that she needed to do a venous draw on my baby. I pointed it out on the lab order and proceeded to hold down my almost 10 month old child. Again. This time, for just one vial of blood.

Again, he was a trooper! His biggest complaint was us holding him down.  :)  He started playing as soon as we let him up.

The lab lady told me the pediatric office should have the test results by Monday afternoon and to call. (I asked how long it would take this time!)...


  1. I just thought loading two kids was tough! I'm glad your passer-outer handled the ordeal as well as the baby! I am anxiously awaiting the results! <3

    1. I was very happy about that child NOT passing out! It had happened in December when we didn't think about another child getting shots- nurse practitioner walked in and was focused on THAT child- that appt took a bit longer than anticipated ;)