Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mix It Up, Baby!

A different type of post today... A recipe post!

Earlier today, I took time to make up two 'master mixes' for my pantry. It's an effort to save both time and money. It's also a way of taking control of the ingredients that go into my family's bodies! I've really been focusing on ridding our diet of the artificial junk... it's even hiding in things that you would think is healthy! It's crazy! Artificial colors (found in more than you would think!), artificial flavors, and artificial preservatives... outta here! (I'm no expert and I've recently started this journey, but if you want, I'll gladly point you to my sources, just leave a comment)

I posted a blurry cell phone pic onto my Facebook page and had several comments and requests... so, I decided to share with you!

The first mix was the most important: Brownies! It's a recipe that I wrote from a magazine maybe 9 or 10 years ago (Wow! Where did the time go!?)

Basic Brownie Mix
(yields about 5 batches)

5 cups sugar
3 cups all purpose flour
1 can (8 oz) baking cocoa
1 tsp salt

*Mix thoroughly. Store in airtight container.

To Prepare:

2 cups of brownie mx
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 TBS water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

*Mix well. Pour into greased 8x8 baking dish.
Bake at 350 degrees. 25-30 minutes.
9 servings.

Customize it to suit your family... add nuts, maybe add some dried cherries... have fun! Enjoy!

The next master mix was a homemade 'Bisquick'. Tonight is my first time using this recipe, but I'll share two links. Both call for shortening, but you could easily use butter instead. Just grate the butter (like grating cheese!) and then cut it into the dry ingredients. NOTE: Shortening is considered shelf stable, and many store the mix in the pantry. HOWEVER, if you use butter, store it in the fridge!

The recipe I used also calls for powdered milk. I happened to have some that needed to be used which is why I used this one over at You can also find recipes for pancakes and biscuits on this site to make with your mix. The other recipe I seriously thought of using was over at Smockity's. Very similar, but hers does not call for powdered milk. She also has some recipes to use for your mix. I'll be trying her recipe next time I make the mix.

I strongly urge you to take more control over the ingredients in your food by making your own convenient mixes. The Internet is a wealth of recipes! Taco seasoning, onion soup mix, cookie mixes, you name it, it's out there! It may take a couple of tries to get the right recipe for your taste buds, but it will be worth it! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The One Year Check-up

I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that my baby just turned one!

But, today was his one year well child check, so, it must be true! ;)

Again today, Hubby had to work, so ALL the children got to accompany me to the doctor office. And we were actually on time! Woohoo!! That is so rare in our family of seven! :)

Little Seth did NOT feel like cooperating today. He fussed as I undressed him. He fussed as we measured and weighed. Meanwhile, Hunter was in top form... rolling around in the middle of the hallway floor, grabbing at stuff on the counters, and running around.

Seth's height showed good growth... now at 28 inches putting him at the 5th% mark on his height curve.

There was a little mix-up with the head circumference (remember how he was uncooperative?) and the nurse practitioner had to remeasure... which brought about a better result. :)

When it was time to weigh him, he did a little better since he was able to sit up. The numbers did NOT look right, so,  I requested we weigh him again. The nurse wasn't thrilled with the idea, "These scales are very accurate, but if you really want to..." Why, yes, I DO want to, thank you very much. The second weigh in looked much better! Not sure what the scales did, but it was close to a full pound's difference! His weight? 18 lbs 15 oz.

Now, for the not so good news... Seth actually LOST weight since his last weigh in 17 days ago dropping him back down to the 4th%). Now, to be fair, it was just a little more than an ounce. However, at this point, he 'should' be gaining about two pounds a month (give or take)... which means he 'should' have gained at least one pound. Granted, he is more mobile, but, he has been eating like crazy!! Furthermore... this means that Seth has passed his first birthday and STILL NOT doubled his birth weight. The books say that is a milestone that is normally reached between 4 and 6 months.

Developmentally, he's a superstar! He's walking some, talking some, picking up all sorts of little crumbs that his siblings drop. Playing with toys. Loves peek-a-boo!!

The nurse practitioner talked to the doctor and they decided the best course of action would be to refer him to an endocrinologist. She did say that they may find nothing and Seth will just be a slow gainer in regards to his weight, but, they may find some little something that has not yet surfaced from all the blood work. Only time will tell and God already knows.

We continue to pray for his health and for strength for us.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Birthday!!

My goodness, where has the time gone?!? 

Our sweet little Seth turned one this past Sunday. I would say he is growing so fast, but that wouldn't be quite true... but I am thankful that he has turned the corner and seems to be trying to catch up to where he was! :)

Seth, July 2011

This little man, this sweet blessing from God, has brought so much joy to our family. His older siblings ALL shower him with love every single day.  He makes us laugh til we can't breath with some of his antics. He reminds us each day just how precious life is!

Seth, July 2012

He has a smile that lights up a room. His laughs are infectious. His kisses and snuggles are sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday, Seth! We love you!!

(I am indeed, a blessed woman!)

P.S. Seth goes Friday for his 1 yr check-up. Praying for great growth! :)