Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First Birthday!!

My goodness, where has the time gone?!? 

Our sweet little Seth turned one this past Sunday. I would say he is growing so fast, but that wouldn't be quite true... but I am thankful that he has turned the corner and seems to be trying to catch up to where he was! :)

Seth, July 2011

This little man, this sweet blessing from God, has brought so much joy to our family. His older siblings ALL shower him with love every single day.  He makes us laugh til we can't breath with some of his antics. He reminds us each day just how precious life is!

Seth, July 2012

He has a smile that lights up a room. His laughs are infectious. His kisses and snuggles are sweet.

Happy 1st Birthday, Seth! We love you!!

(I am indeed, a blessed woman!)

P.S. Seth goes Friday for his 1 yr check-up. Praying for great growth! :)

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