Friday, May 25, 2012

So, We Head Back to the Pharmacy...

The nurse practioner told me what we 'hoped' to see with the iron drops and the additional blood tests. 

Now, I am the type who wants ALL the information. It allows me to make better sense of what is going on. I am not the wait and see type of girl. I asked questions.

'Ok, so, if we do not see what we hope to see, what are we looking toward?'

I thought it was a fair question.  She, however, seemed grieved that I asked.

I forget her exact words, but the basic IDEA was... 'Let's just wait and see, ok?'

New plan: New iron drops 3x a day. ANOTHER CBC the next week to look at those platelets again. ANOTHER CBC in July to look at the iron levels (hemaglobin & hematocrits). ~sigh~

On Friday, I loaded everyone up and went to pick up the new prescription for my Seth. We also had other errands to take care of. I try very hard to do most, if not all, of my errands without children in tow... not because I don't like having them along, simply, it takes much, much longer with them. Three of them can get a bit grumpy about sitting in those car seats so long, too!

At the pharmacy, I had planned on utilizing the drive-thru, but one child HAD to use the bathroom (actually, I think it is just a stage where he wants to check out potties everywhere he goes! no pun intended), so, into the pharmacy we went.

I love my pharmacy! It's small town. They get to know you & your family.

I believe it may have been a student or freshly graduated pharmacist who went over the prescription with me. Short. Simple.


One of the pharmacy owners came over to me as I was waiting at the checkout. He expressed great concern over the high dosage of iron for the baby. I explained he had gone through two blood tests and both indicated LOW hemaglobin & hematocrits. The pharmacist asked if he had been having bleeding problems... nope.

His next question did me in: "What are they looking for?"
I barely choked out: 'I don't know'
He reached across the counter and squeezed my hand and said, "As a parent, it's very concerning."

I could only nod...


  1. My sweet friend, these posts are killing me. I will not spreak sickness over that beautiful baby. I am going to pray that when the tests come back next time, they will be normal. I am praying for peace that is beyond all understanding for you. I can't imagine what all the not knowing is doing to you. How is he doing with the high dosage of iron? I send you my love and hugs.

    1. Amen, MrsG30286! He is doing fairly well with the iron! My other kids were given limited juice that was watered down... he gets full juice... and we have prunes on hand too! ;)
      {{HUGS}} right back at you!