Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Something I've Noticed...

We are waiting til July to have more blood tests drawn to check on Seth's iron levels.

I'm curious though... If I manage to forget a day of iron drops (don't judge- I do have a house full of younguns!), I notice his bottom lip seems to get rather pale.

He still plays, climbs, crawls, etc. He seems happy and content... but after all the ups and downs of the last month, the discoloration of his bottom lip timed to missed doses of iron drops, has raised a little flag in my head.

Today I went to change Seth out of of his night clothes (just a onesie & soft pants) and noticed his onesie was a bit big on him. Curious, I checked the tag... 3/6 months! Have I mentioned that he is currently 10.5 months?!?

Yes, I know some clothes are made bigger than others. Yes, I know kids come in all shapes and sizes. However, due to the crazy stuff that has been popping up the last two months... it simply raised a red flag of sorts..

I called his pediatric office and scheduled his 1 year checkup (Goodness gracious! Where has this past year gone?!?) and also asked for a weight check on Monday. I will ask to see his weight plotted out on his growth chart to determine if he is maintaining the 5th percentile from his 9 month check in April. If he is continuing to drop... I may ask to go ahead and run another blood test to see where his numbers are... instead of waiting another month and a half.

If there are still issues that are not being corrected with the iron drops, I'd rather proceed to a specialist quickly.

We continue to pray for his health...

This little boy brings so much joy to our family!


  1. Precious, precious friend.........I am ramping up the prayers for your baby and I am praying about sacrificing something important to me as an offering on behalf of our beloved Seth........may God clasp you & your sweet hubby in tight reassurance of His love and care during your time of confusion and search for answers. I love you so much.....L

  2. Oh, my sweet friend, how I wish I could do more! You, Seth, and the family will continue to have my most earnest prayers. I have been waiting for this post since yesterday.