Monday, June 11, 2012

'Failure to Thrive'

I had made an appointment for my little Seth for this morning to check his height and weight. It just felt like he had not really grown since his 9 month check-up back in April.

The morning dawned and I got all the kids ready. My hubby had to work this morning (he's normally off Monday mornings), so it was just me and the kiddos. Started out the door only to realize it had started to rain. That added extra time to loading up!! Once completed, we got on the road, a little later than I had hoped, but still... and then... we got stuck in the Bonnaroo exodus! Thankfully it wasn't at a complete standstill!

We swung by and picked up my mother-in-law who had an errand to take care of in the town we were headed to.

At the pediatric office, things went smoothly. Little man measured at 27 inches and weighed in at 18 lbs 1 oz. However, their computers were down and they couldn't input the numbers on his growth chart. I left behind my cell number and we took off to deliver brownies to friend who had a baby this past Friday. :)

While at her house, the phone rang.

It was our nurse practitioner.

Not the nurse that I was expecting to hear from, but the nurse practitioner who has been working with us since his last check-up.

Uh-oh. What could THAT mean??

Yep, you got it! It meant MORE BLOODWORK.

This time SIX different labs were ordered!

I drove back to the pediatric office, very thankful that MIL was with us. I popped into the office of the other nurse practitioner on staff (who happens to be a friend)... not questioning the other NP at all, just needing a little moral support and prayers...

Then it was off to the hospital. Handed off lunch money (ok, actually it was supposed to be mortgage money!) to MIL and Seth and I went inside. Again, I was so thankful that MIL had tagged along today! She took the other four children and left me to focus on my baby.

After the classic hurry up & wait period of hospital settings, we were taken to the lab. Two sweet ladies were there to take care of us. But who got to hold down Seth? Yep. Right again. Mama.

The needle slid right in and the blood started flowing... for just a few seconds! Apparently the vein started rolling and the blood flow into the vial was stop and go. Another lady with more experience was called over.
Mama's heart was already breaking...
but when I saw them start fishing around in his arm with that needle,
 the tears started flowing.
I still held on.
I still attempted to calm and sooth my son.
But the tears flowed freely.

After what FELT like an eternity, but was actually only seconds, they pulled out. A few moments to calm my sweetie pie and then it was take two on the other arm. Thankfully, that arm cooperated much better! They collected enough for all five blood tests!

The sixth lab order was for a urinalysis... which Seth did not cooperate with! So after sitting at the hospital for two and a half hours, the lab ladies said, no worries, they would just let the pediatric office know it didn't happen and the office could reschedule if needed.

Of course, I did ask WHEN labs should be completed. Four of the five blood tests were in-house labs, meaning the pediatric office should get results TODAY. The fifth test must be sent out and it will probably be end of week before I hear about that one.

Oh yes... the tests. What were they? CBC, thyroid panel, complete metabolic panel, growth hormone, and lead. (I don't think lead is of much consequence... I think it just got tacked on to save a lab trip next month - it's a normal 12 month lab order) Quite a work up, huh?

Then it was off to grab Mama (me!) a bite to eat and then drop off MIL (who had taken care of her errand while we were at the hospital). After ALL THAT, I got to see my dear hubby for exactly 2 minutes before he headed off to his second job. I won't lie. It was tough. What I really wanted was to be taken in his strong arms and held while my heart broke over the what-ifs hanging in the air & cry my little eyes out. Instead, I 'sucked it up', gave him a smile and kiss and a wave goodbye.

Throughout the day, I sent and received texts from some lovely ladies who have become prayer warriors for our family. As I sat in that little office nursing my baby boy, I poured my heart out to God. I know He is mighty. I know He is in control. I know there is a reason for whatever is happening. I prayed for strength. I prayed for understanding (I know we don't always get answers- but He designed me to NEED to know). I still ache for my baby boy.

FAILURE TO THRIVE... that was the diagnosis code on each of the six lab orders...

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  1. your children are precious! just serving around your blog..please know that this momma is praying for you, your hubby and ALL you children. praying for a going test result for seth. and a blessing upon your entire family.

    ginger from