Thursday, June 14, 2012

And the Results Are...

After a very stressful Monday, Tuesday was spent waiting for the phone to ring. 

Later in the afternoon, it finally rang with the right person on the other end (I think every telemarketer called that day!). 

Growth Hormone? Normal. Meaning his body is CAPABLE of growing.

Iron? Still low, but showing improvement.

Platelets? Normal

White Cells? Normal.

Thyroid? MOSTLY Normal. One particular aspect was just the teensy, tiniest bit low. So they called the lab and asked them to run an antibody screen... just to be certain there was nothing trying to attack that aspect of the thyroid.

On Thursday, I received the call with the antibody screening results... also normal.

So, while we rejoice that his blood work is normal, we are also perplexed as to WHY he isn't growing at a steady rate.  While we rejoice that things like lymphoma or leukemia have been ruled out, we still want to know how to help him grow better and what is preventing that right now.

The nurse practitioner said I have two options now... 1.) Wait to see what his one year check up shows and go from there, or 2.) Go forward with a referral to a specialist (I remember hearing both hematologist and endocrinologist mentioned recently).

I went with option #3 *smile*... He's going back in on Monday for another height/weight check. The nurse practitioner will go over everything with the doctor next week (He's out of town this week). We will get his opinion first (He has lots of experience as a pediatrician, where as the nurse practitioners are newer on the scene) and then make our decision.

Yes, I understand that babies growth rates slow. Yes, I know that some babies are just small. Yes, I am aware that he is developmentally on track.

But I also clearly see that dropping from the 56th% all the way down to the 5th% in only four months is NOT normal. I also see that in only 1.5 months, he has dropped farther down to the 4th% & 2nd%... again, not normal.

He nurses frequently. He eats table food and baby food... about three times a day with snacks in between.  We are giving him his iron... not the 3x a day recommended, but generally at least 2x a day.

And so, that puts us right back into watchful waiting... yet another lesson in patience for this Mama! ;)

PS... A BIG THANK YOU to my prayer warriors!!! Hugs to you all!!!


  1. Somehow I missed this post. It was so good to hear some good news from you today!