Friday, November 9, 2012

We're Still Here!

Oh, so sorry for the much delayed update! Life has been busy :)

(Seth picking pumpkins)
When I last updated about our Seth, we had taken him to the endocrinologist. Well, he had his 15 month WCC in October... and he GREW! Woohoo!  In August he was only 28 inches, in October he was 29.3 inches! Way to grow, baby boy! His weight was not where I hoped it would be... August = 20.9 lbs and October = 21 lbs 15 oz... making it a 1 lb weight gain for a 2 month time frame.
(Mama, Daddy, & Seth)

The nurse practitioner and I talked about the endo visit and put our heads together regarding the low weight gain. We decided to try a gluten free diet for a two week trial period... Seth and me (as I'm still nursing him)... I think it was harder on me than it was him!! I craved a big, homemade, buttermilk biscuit the whole two weeks! And brownies, Lol!
(Tornado T turned 5 during our GF trial)
Two weeks after his WCC, we went back to see how things were progressing... Wow! Seth measured in at 30 inches! His weight came in at 22 lbs and 5 oz... Not a huge weight gain... but he was also teething and not eating nearly as much as before (this boy has a HUGE appetite regularly!) Our NP thought the great rate of growth warranted a closer look into the gluten issues. She also said it may have just been a fluke... but has requested a celiac panel to be run after he has had a few days with wheat products included in his diet. It will probably be Monday before we go in for that lab.
(My Blessings)
* Just in case you are curious... the somewhat random pictures are from our annual home school trip to a pumpkin patch with other wonderful home school families. I LOVE the way the orange of the pumpkins just 'POPS' in these pics!


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